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Primero <> ONA Dashboard Sync for Indicator Monitoring

UNICEF is currently using an ONA-built Canopy-based dashboard to visualize integrated child protection-related indicators. This integration allows UNICEF to link specific indicators from this dashboard with aggregated data from Primero, to be extracted on a quarterly basis.

The two indicators being covered in this solution are:

The mapping specifications for both indicators can be found via this link under the “mappings to DB” tabs (see mapping specs).

Check out this presentation on the project overview for more information.

Demo ONA Dashboard for preview:


This is an automated flow that is triggered by a cron job scheduled to run quarterly. There are 4 jobs. Note that jobs 0 and 3 were added to the integration to mitigate negative performance times due to the large data volumes being fetched from Primero. These two jobs allow OpenFn to GET and load the data in batches.

  1. Job 0 - Initiate the sync by posting metadata to the OpenFn inbox.
  2. Job 1 - Fetch cases created or updated in Primero since the last sync. (The data is fetched twice in this one job to meet the requirements for both indicators.)
  3. Job 2 - Map and upsert case and service data to the ONA database.
  4. Job 3 - Post metadata to the OpenFn inbox to trigger the next batch.

Please see this data diagram for a review of the solution:
Workflow Diagram (Lucidchart Link) image

Find the completed Project Security & Go-Live Checklist here.


  1. http
  2. primero to access Primero
  3. language-postgres to access PostgreSQL ONA database
  4. http

Assumptions & Considerations for Change Management

  1. The ONA production database can only be accessed via a static IP that was provided by OpenFn. However, the ONA team was not able to provide a range of IPs for OpenFn to direct traffic to–their IP is not statically assigned and may change. For future runs of this workflow, it might be necessary for OpenFn to request the current ONA IP address before the sync is successful.
  2. OpenFn is fetching ALL Primero cases where for indicator 1: “type_of_case” = “Children Undergoing Reintegration” and for indicator 2: Age < 18 years. Any further disegregation of these indicators will be completed in the ONA database.
  3. The locations_lookup table can be used to look up the codes that will be stored in the province_caregiver, provice_current, district_caregiver, district_current fields
  4. The data_dicitonary table can be used to determine the Primero label for each column in the cases and services tables. This table also includes the Khmer translations for each field name and option value name. The translations are used by the ONA team to generate dashboards in both English and Khmer.
  5. OpenFn will perform upsert() (update if record exists, create if new) operations in the ONA database when syncing data. To ensure no duplicate cases are entered, OpenFn will use the below identifiers to check for existing cases. We assume that these identifiers are unique.
    • case_id for the cases table in ONA
    • unique_id for the services table in ONA



View the full documentation at: