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ConSoSci Documentation

Welcome to the ConSoSci/OpenFn integration docs site. Search or explore the documentation for several projects aimed at improving the efficiency of wildlife and wildlands conservation projects around the world.


Conservation Social Science (ConSoSci) partnership is leveraging social science to strengthen conservation outcomes.

This repo includes OpenFn-powered integration solutions for ConSoSci partners to connect data sources, including Kobo Toolbox, PostgreSQL and MySQL databases.


  • Project 1: BNS and NGRT Kobo survey integrations for centralized data management & analysis
  • Project 2: Automated Kobo integration to autogenerate database tables & OpenFn jobs for data integration
  • Project 3: Wildmeat Kobo surveys integration to track consumption data

OpenFn Projects

Relevant ConSoSci/WCS system administrators have access the following projects for integration monitoring & management.

  1. WCS –> source code hosted on wcs Github repo:
  2. Wildmeat –> source code hosted on wcs-wildmeat Github repo:

Training & Support

Contact, post on the OpenFn Community, or learn more on OpenFn Docs.