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Roadmap & Backlog for Future Phases

1. BNS and NGRT

  1. Implement compatibility with Postgres (This year?)
  2. Training for WCS admins on editing & writing basic jobs (This year?)

2. Kobo Automation Solution

  1. Implement compatibility with mssql database
  2. Auto-generate SQL queries for quicker analysis?
  3. Handling test data - is there a way to not write specific data to the DB? (Consider logic to check if test data before integrating with destination database)
  4. Automatically build a “Data Dictionary” to track metadata in connected destination DBs if tables are auto-generated
  5. Additional training for administrators in other organizations

3. Wildmeat

  1. Updates to map species codes to specific species/ taxon records in a reference table
  2. Support for future surveys with other consumption types (i.e., hunter, market), including other sample collection methods (so far this was specifically mentioned as a possibility for hunter surveys)
  3. Support for Urban Consumption forms
  4. Collection of household ethnicity & education data and DB mappings
  5. Changes to how sample units (e.g., kg, days, hours) are set, converted & mapped to the DB